Pigmentation is basically coloring of a person’s skin. Skin pigmentation can cause change in color of the skin. When the color of the skin becomes darker due to pigmentation it is called Hyperpigmentation. Before we have a look at how we can effectively treat pigmentation, first let us understand what causes it.

Causes of Skin Pigmentation

  1. 01

    Sun damage

  2. 02

    Certain medicines

  3. 03


  4. 04

    Pregnancy hormones

  5. 05

    Insulin resistance

  1. 06

    Endocrine diseases

  2. 07

    Dry skin, Skin irritation and accidental injuries.

  3. 08


  4. 09

    Hormonal condition

Pigmentation treatment

Once you step in at Skinsight Clinic, our specialists conducts skin analysis to understand the lifestyle and diagnosed cause of your pigmentation.

This prior diagnosis help us to know the severity of your pigmentation. Basis the analysis, you will be advised the right Pigmentation Reduction System that your skin needs to give you clearer and a perfect complexion. Pigmentation not only affects face but can be found in other body areas like neck, arms, back etc. We at Skinsight Clinic offer a holistic approach and provide our customers with all the specialized services that include highly effective ingredients and technologies. These services are explicitly preferred for their exceptional properties that help to correct tan, pigmentation, dark spots and age spots, giving your skin a clearer and radiant complexion. There are many ways to treat pigmentation. At Skinsight Clinic we provide our customers with variety of customized skin care treatment which help them to get rid of pigmentation like:

  1. 01

    Skin brightening Treatment

  2. 02

    Dark spot reduction organic treatments

  3. 03

    Pigmentation reduction system therapy

  4. 04

    Age spots and patchy skin treatment

  5. 05

    Sun tan removal Skin glow treatment

  6. 06

    Melasma skin care treatment

  1. 07

    Freckles Treatment

  2. 08

    Skin clarity laser treatment

  3. 09

    Skin clarity beauty facial

  4. 10

    Q switch nd Yag laser skin toning

  5. 11

    Face Mesotheraphy treatment

Skinsight Pigmentation Reduction System is a transformative solution that uses specialized services and products along with highly effective ingredients. It makes the skin clear by lightening or removing tanning, pigmentation marks, dark spots and age spots. This system works well for any area of the body. No use of chemical is applied on any of our clients. All the natural ingredients are used in the clinic. No pain or injunctions are given to our clients. As the treatments are fully harmless question of any side effects does not arise in future.

For healthy beautiful skin visit Skinsight clinics and get your skin consultation done by our expert doctors team. At our clinics you will find experienced skin experts doctors team, dermatologist and cosmetologist. The advise is given by our specialists keeping in mind your skin conditions, skin type, lifestyle and other medical conditions. Skin care treatments and technology at Skinsight Clinic are highly advanced. Our healthy skin holistic treatments are absolutely safe and customized as per your skin cosmetic concern.


Skin Brightening treatment is used to treat pigmentation. Brightening is all about increasing radiance and restoring vibrancy to skin. Skin brightening products helps to remove dull cells and reveal radiant, glowing skin. Skin brightening products aids to combat aging and is used for a smooth even skin tone. The ingredients involved in skin brightening products are vitamin C, Retinol and Alpha and beta hydroxyl acids.

Skin Brightening treatments helps to increase cell turnover and therefore it speeds up the flaking away of damaged upper layers of the skin to reveal the beautiful baby soft skin below. It also helps in treating dark spots from scarring, acne, pollution and sun exposure. This treatment has no side effects.

Skin Pigmentation & Brightening treatment involves 3 step therapy systems.

First step : the first step involved in the process is application of vitamin C and natural anti oxidants solutions, this helps to reduce dark spots pigmentation and sun tan on the skin giving it an even tone . This repairs the upper layer of the skin.

Second step : The second step works on the second layer of the skin. This is the area where all the blood supply is and where all the nutrition has to go actually and have an effect on the outer layer of skin. It is a painless treatment and its result start to show up after a period of three to four days.

Third step : the final step involves application of hydra booster solutions which revitalise skin within the deeper layers , gives you hydration and smoother texture. improve your skin health and skin clarity by pigmentation & brightening skin care therapy.