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Laser Hair Removal & Painless Laser Hair Removal in Bodakdev, Ahmedabad

Laser hair removal Ahmedabad uses light to target the pigment in individual hairs. The light travels down the shaft of the hair and into the hair follicle.The heat from the laser light destroys the hair follicle, and a hair can no longer grow from it.Hair follows a unique growth cycle that involves resting, shedding, and growing periods. Recently removed hair that is in a resting phase will not be visible to the technician or laser, so a person may need to wait until it regrows before removing it.

We use USFDA approved diode laser that is highly safe for Indian skin

Skin cooling comfortable technology

No harmful side effects

Suitable for all skin types

Laser works on hair root ( follicles), without harming the surrounding skin

This reduces your hair from the root and prevents further growth

up to 80% hair reduction in just 6 sessions

Most clients are satisfied after 6 to 12 sessions but since hair growth pattern may very from individual to individual , few touch up ( maintenance ) sessions may be required once or twice a year depending upon your hair type, skin type, body part undergoing treatment and underlying hormonal or medical issues

Since Laser reduces the growth of hair , it also reduces the chances of one getting ingrown hair

Be it Waxing , threading , creams not one gives you a permanent solution,Laser hair reduction you could move on to something that gives you permanent results

Now get smooth hair free skin with skinsight permanent laser hair reduction